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Learning Nugget 3 - Leading Change

The article and complementary video below articulate what is required to successfully lead an organization through the kind of radical shift in mindset, behaviors, and offerings required to have customers loyally proclaiming, “We wouldn’t do our enterprise business technology initiative with anyone else but your company and its ecosystem of partners, because you have this totally figured out!”

Without committed leaders like you who are willing to invest the time, empathy, and energy it takes to uncover and ignite that big enough “Why” in the people you lead and serve, there is no amount of “What” or “How” from corporate head office that can ever make up for a lack of passion and engagement. Help them (and yourself) believe!

As our friends @GapingVoid visually express it best.....


10 Principles of Leading Change Management

Follow this link to find the original article published in strategy+business:

If you wish to easily share it with other leaders (or even managers) or to read it on your iPad or Kindle, please email us for a PDF version or download one at the above the link.


I would like to recommend that you also follow this link and watch the brief (4:49) supporting video on YouTube entitled, How to Lead Change Management.

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